Why We Love Chicago


A Great City on a Great Lake

The windy city. The city of broad shoulders. The second city. That toddling town. Whatever you call Chicago, we think you’ll like to call it home.

That’s because Chicago has it all. A stunning skyline. A thriving business and academic community. A magnificent mile of shopping splendor. All set on a gorgeous lakefront.

It’s easy to see yourself in Chicago – literally. The architectural landscape and popular sculptures – like the Crown Fountain and the Cloud Gate (aka, the Bean) – offer breathtaking reflections of light and color.

Speaking of color, Chicago is the kind of place where you can paint red, sing the blues – or turn the river green (a St. Patrick’s Day tradition). Even Chicago politicians have a “colorful” reputation. But we think the true colors of this gem are in its rich tapestry of cultural diversity – from Greektown to Little Italy to the Polish Triangle.

  • Discover: Chicago buses and elevated trains make it easy to get around, but we recommend exploring the city on foot to discover neighborhood hotspots and hideaways. 
  • Win: Chicago is synonymous with championship sports, most recently the 2103 Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks. In their hey day, Michael Jordan’s Bulls, Walter Payton’s Bears and the White Sox were the talk of the town, but arguably the most beloved Chicago team is its cursed Cubs.
  • Gaze: Chicago’s most towering achievements include the skyscraping Willis Tower and Hancock Center. Closer to the ground, the Navy Pier, Field Museum and Art Institute are must sees, but perhaps Chicago’s most revered works of art are its deep dish pizza and highly-decorated hot dogs.

It may be the second largest city in the U.S., but we believe Chicago is second to none.