Why We Love San Francisco

San Fransisco

A Beauty by the Bay

No surprise that San Francisco is widely considered “Everybody’s Favorite City” in the United States. Its scenic beauty, cultural diversity and iconic landmarks make it a place people love to visit – and love to live.

Since the 1849 Gold Rush, people have been flocking to this jewel on the west coast. The city remains an important financial center connecting the east and west. The Bay Area and nearby Silicon Valley are a hotbed for high-tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook. 

At just 49 square miles, San Francisco is a very walk-able city with unique neighborhoods and attractions to explore, marvelous cuisine to sample, and stunning ocean views to take in. When your feet get tired, there are plenty of transportation options – from rapid transit to light rail to old-fashioned cable cars. 

  • Move: San Franciscans are remarkably fit. You’ll find them running and biking at Marina Green, walking their dogs or doing yoga at Golden Gate Park, or climbing the stairs at Telegraph Hill. Walkers and bikers are welcome on the 1.7-mile span of the Golden Gate Bridge as well.
  • Catch: Of course, it’s just as easy to be a couch potato in San Francisco. The 49ers football and Giants baseball teams have a loyal fan base, thanks to a history of great success.
  • Eat: Consistent with its focus on fitness, California cuisine is healthful with an emphasis on local produce and fresh seafood. But ethnic specialties abound, from Asian fare in Chinatown and Japantown, to Italian in North Beach, plus a fusion of culinary influences across this diverse city.

And that’s just a taste of why we left our hearts in San Francisco.