Edina is situated southwest of Minneapolis as a first-ring, first-rate suburb.

Edina has grown from a village of mostly Scottish and Irish immigrants to a full service metropolitan community with people of very diverse backgrounds. The city is thoroughly developed, mostly with residential areas, but residents also enjoy numerous parks, lakes, neighborhood and regional shopping areas, two high-quality medical facilities, family-owned businesses, and major corporations and churches.

Edina has several major highways running through it making it readily accessible to all within the metropolitan area. Perhaps Edina’s greatest claim to fame in modern times is the fact that it is the home of the world’s first indoor shopping mall. Still open today, the shopping area known as ‘Southdale Center’ was officially opened in 1956 and started a trend that spread rapidly throughout the country. Southdale was the Dayton family’s retail vision of the future because an indoor mall provided a climate-controlled location that provided convenience and variety.

Shopping, Parks & Arts

The city also boasts a thriving downtown area at 50th Street and France Avenue, known simply as “50th & France” offering a more traditional outdoor shopping venue. Edina operates nearly 40-parks and recreational facilities, including Arneson Acres, Braemar Arena, Braemar Golf Courses, Braemar Golf Dome, Centennial Lakes Park, Edina Aquatic Center, Edina Art Center, Edina Senior Center, indoor Edinborough Park, Fred Richards Executive Golf Course and a dozen warming houses. Edina’s parks include amenities such as baseball, football and soccer fields; softball diamonds; basketball and tennis courts; outdoor skating rinks; playground equipment for young children; and picnic shelters. Eight miles of scenic pathways are available for bicycling, walking, jogging, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Top Notch Schools

The Edina School District is known as being one of, if not the finest, school districts in the state of Minnesota. The district traditionally makes a very good showing on a wide variety of standardized test scores and has won numerous awards for its schools and programs. There are six elementary schools, two middle schools and one senior high school in the district. The district is committed to keeping class sizes as small as possible while retaining the educational support needed to ensure quality learning opportunities. Class size guidelines are: Kindergarten – 18, grades one through three – 21, grades four and five – 24, grades six through nine – 25, grades ten through twelve – 28.

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