Kenwood / Isles / Dean / Cedar

Kenwood / Isles / Dean / Cedar

The Kenwood-Cedar-Isles-Dean neighborhood is one of the most affluent of the city

Located on Minneapolis’ west side, Kenwood shares Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake with Cedar-Isles-Dean neighborhood. The neighborhood contains many open spaces including these two lakes, trails, parks and playgrounds, including nearly 3 miles of trails around Lake of the Isles. This feature makes Kenwood unique as it’s also situated fairly close to downtown, where residents can have easy access to arts, culture, and dining.

Kenwood contains the city’s largest concentration of expensive homes and is notable for its large Victorian, Tudor, and Colonial-style homes, many of which face Lake of the Isles. To get an accurate picture of this neighborhood, know that when it was planned in the late 1800s, no house could be built for less than $3,000, equivalent to a $1.3 million home built today.

Lakes, Sunsets & Tree-lined Streets

The famous ‘Mary Tyler Moore’ home resides in this area. This grand structure was featured on the Mary Tyler Moore Show during the 70s. Kenwood Park, another notable feature of the neighborhood serves as the neighborhood’s hub of both activity and serenity. Named for its mass of trees and irregular topography, the park has an impressive collection of gently sloping hilltops and provides a perfect area to view gorgeous sunsets and stunning views overlooking Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun.

Cedar-Isles-Dean neighborhood is located on the western edge of Minneapolis in the Calhoun-Isles community  and is home to a Frank Lloyd Wright design. It takes its name from Cedar Lake, Lake of the Isles, and Dean Parkway, which was named in honor of A. J. Dean, one of its donors in 1892.

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