Northeast / St. Anthony / University

Northeast / St. Anthony / University

Northeast Minneapolis is the largest arts community in Minneapolis

Northeast Minneapolis has experienced a major revitalization in recent years as numerous families have moved into the area. It is composed of the neighborhoods of Audubon Park, Beltrami, Bottineau, Columbia, Holland, Logan Park, Marshall Terrace, Northeast Park, St. Anthony East, St. Anthony West, Sheridan, Waite Park and Windom Park.

The University area has an eclectic mixture of styles, composed of the neighborhoods of Cedar Riverside/West Bank, Como, Nicollet Island/East Bank, Prospect Park, Marcy-Holmes. Home to the University of Minnesota and its adjacent commercial district known as Dinkytown, it’s an ideal location for an active and involved lifestyle. The Dinkytown area is located at the north edge of campus between SE 8th street and University Avenue stretching from 10th avenue to 17th avenue. The Marcy-Holmes neighborhood is nearby.

Its apartment buildings, duplexes and boarding houses line the tree-draped streets. Renters, who make up nearly 90 percent of its residents, include primarily students, faculty members and others attracted to the location near the University of Minnesota and the area’s charm and diversity.

St. Anthony Main & The River

The historic St. Anthony Main is located in this neighborhood by Minneapolis’ Riverfront District, where you can easily spot the Stone Arch Bridge. For over 30 years, residents and tourists have visited this area famous for its cobblestone road, horse-drawn carriage rides, and Pracna – the oldest restaurant on the oldest street in Minneapolis.

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