Wayzata / Lake Minnetonka

Wayzata / Lake Minnetonka

The beautiful shores of Lake Minnetonka

Wayzata is not a large suburb but it is an economic powerhouse. This small city, located at the northeast tip of Lake Minnetonka, is one of Minnesota’s wealthiest and most affluent communities. Strolling through Wayzata’s beautiful scenery, lakefront garden, wooded lots, and meandering shoreline is enough to realize why the city has such a strong draw. The city has a sizable and growing trade area complete with specialty shops, boutiques, professional services and restaurants.

Wayzata is built on the shores of Lake Minnetonka. The city has embraced this proximity to the lake and used it to its full potential. Visitors can get to town by boat or by vehicle. There is a great view of the downtown area from the lake and vice versa. The Wayzata Historical Museum, located in the historic Wayzata Depot, can be found near the lakefront. You can also consider riding the Minnehaha Steamboat between Excelsior and Wayzata during the summer months.

Water-filled Fun

Wayzata offers some of the best waterfront property around Lake Minnetonka and has easy access for water recreation activities. With the shorelines of Lake Minnetonka easily accessible to Wayzata residents, it may come as no surprise that water sports are the number one activity enjoyed by the people. Waterskiing, fishing, boating, ice fishing, and snowmobiling are just a few of the popular recreational activities.

Another popular activity enjoyed by residents and visitors alike is the Red Trolley service. The Red Trolley is a free service offered by Wayzata in an attempt to make shopping and exploring easier by offering an unusual form of transportation. Wayzata is not without several city parks many of which feature beautiful garden areas and a view of the lake.

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